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Crisis Management

Tactical and practical resources for internal chamber crisis management and resources to share with your members.

The Move Towards Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated an unprecedented shut-down of the economy to manage the virus. Chambers and businesses are beginning the initial discussions and framework considerations to pivot from response to recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

Chamber Frameworks and Task Forces

Read the blog post on Back-to-Work Plans & Frameworks for a synopsis of the below plans and other resources.

ACCE is working to support chambers with an economic recovery framework and recognize that recovery will look different in every community, based on industry makeup and community dynamics. For further reading, visit the ACCE #COVID-19 blog post with an Economic Recovery Reading List. ACCE also has a new opportunity for members to join the ACCE Fellowship for Economic Recovery to connect with a cohort of chamber peers related to economic recovery and resilience.


Messaging for Leaders

Best Practices, Templates, and Official Links

Consider including the following links in Chamber communications to members:

  • Updates on how the Chamber will be altering programing to webinars, live chats, podcasts, etc.
  • A short survey for local businesses to submit their specific needs
  • A snapshot of data gathered from your Chamber's community survey
  • A link to news and press releases in your state about the status of coronavirus
  • Link to available jobs / companies that are hiring in your community
  • Link to your state and local health departments
  • Link to your airport's travel updates
  • Links provided on the Official Government Coronavirus Links spreadsheet (below) that are relevant to your community's needs.

Surveys and Outreach: Chambers Implementing Best Practices

Best Practice Tip

Chambers are reporting that they are having a difficult time getting responses from their members about the impacts of COVID-19 closures and social distancing through their email communications. Chambers are, however, having success in gathering feedback from members through online surveys and one-on-one member phone calls. This high touch approach will serve to boost moral among and maintaining connection with the Chamber as a critical resource during times of crisis.The chambers that are re-purposing staff to make outreach calls suggest keeping the call informal and relational - ask how the member is doing and find out what their needs are. They also suggest that this one-on-one call is not about collecting dues and focuses on how the Chamber can serve its members.

Surveying your membership about the impacts COVID-19 is having on their businesses and their immediate needs is the best way to keep a pulse on your community. Some examples of surveys and other presentation of resources: