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Health & Wellness

Explore resources, tools, and opportunities that help chambers of commerce build health and wellness action plans.

What is the Healthy Communities Program?

ACCE launched a new program in October 2018 to help chambers of commerce lead community health initiatives. The year-long program consists of three meetings, along with additional support between sessions. Participants will learn from community health experts and peers in the cohort. Each chamber has teamed with a community partners to participate alongside them throughout the program. Read more about it in the Chamber Executive Magazine article:

Meeting Resources

The program launched in October 2018 with a meeting at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey. The meeting featured interactive exercises to introduce participants to key design thinking principles and tools for developing short- and long-term action plans.

Activities centered on gaining a greater understanding of the relationship between community health, equity and economic prosperity. Teams explored the health challenges community members face from a more empathetic perspective to identify new ways to approach their initiatives.

Presentations used throughout the process are linked below and see the box on the sidebar for more resources about Design Thinking.


Trusted Resources