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Health & Wellness

Explore resources, tools, and opportunities that help chambers of commerce build health and wellness action plans.

What Does Community Health Mean?

Community health is a field of public health that focuses on studying, protecting or improving health within a community. It does not focus on a group of people with the same shared characteristics, like age or diagnosis, but on all people within a geographical location or involved in the specific activity.1  

Community health is affecting more and more about how the world does business. The US spends $3 trillion on healthcare, more than any country in the world, only to be behind on most health rankings. US businesses lose $225 billion to sick and absent workers each year. 2 

The community in which an individual lives can greatly shape his or her behavior and ability to thrive. Health outcomes are affected by various community conditions and environmental factors, such as neighborhood safety, access to healthy food, air quality and exercise opportunities. Community stakeholders, including chambers of commerce and individual employers, have a strong civic and economic interest to work together in building balanced health, safety and wellness agenda.  

Community Health

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Boost Wellness and Transform Talent - ACCE webinar presented by Shuma Panse, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; Kelly Bass Seibel, Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce (CA); Todd Shimkus, Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce (NY); and Analidia Blakley, ACCE - In this webinar, hear how a health and wellness agenda advances a community’s education and economic development agenda, making a community more economically competitive. Participants will learn about how chambers of commerce are implementing three civic approaches to elevate a balanced health and wellness agenda while improving their 21st century talent pipeline.

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