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Non-Dues Revenue

Our new environment is demanding elasticity and creativity in diversifying income streams for the future.

Rethinking Sponsorship

Chambers are revolutionizing sponsorship offerings and recalibrating to member needs.

  • Many chambers are offering sponsorship of virtual events at a lower rate than their in-person events, for example, at a value of about 1/3 of prior sponsorship dollars.
  • Others are creating umbrella sponsorships for an overall fee for a year, which include digital advertising on all media within a niche of programming, for example, all Workforce programming.
  • Consider realigning sponsorship dollars from canceled or postponed events. For example, pivot those sponsorship dollars to providing a grace period for members struggling to pay dues.

Comparing In-Person and Virtual Sponsorship

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber has converted two of their large signature events to virtual formats for 2020. The below product sheets describe the original in-person sponsorship options and their digital counterparts. 

The Robins Regional Chamber (GA) transformed its largest in-person event of the year - the State of Robins Air Force Base luncheon - to a virtual format. The Chamber communicated early and effectively and was able to retain all sponsorship revenue commitments. Realigning sponsor benefits included shooting video content of sponsors and base leaders for a virtual premiere. Average attendance of the event has been 350-400 in-person and the Chamber had 267 attend virtually. The Chamber maintained the original ticket price, and reduced expenses allowed the Chamber to create revenue from the event. The Chamber gave a surprise $1000 bonus to the caterer, who in turn will make the funds available to a local nonprofit for future catering orders.

Generating Revenue around Government Relations and Advocacy

In addition to working advocacy support into tiered dues or larger investment level marketing, here are a few examples of stand-alone sponsorship and event revenue.