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Crisis Management

Tactical and practical resources for internal chamber crisis management and resources to share with your members.

National Survey to Identify Small Business Funding Programs

Survey is open through August 14th.

ACCE is working with national partners to identify available sources of funding to support small businesses to help them sustain operations and recover from the impact of COVID-19. Many new state and local programs have been launched during the pandemic. A national survey has been developed to gather information about these programs and consolidate it into a single resource. Please complete the survey or share the link with local partners like the community foundation, CDFIs or others who manage small business support programs.  Learn more.

The Move Towards Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated an unprecedented shut-down of the economy to manage the virus. Chambers and businesses are implementing frameworks to pivot from response to recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

Chamber Frameworks & Task Forces

Read the blog post on Back-to-Work Plans & Frameworks for a synopsis of the below plans and other resources.

ACCE is working to support chambers with an economic recovery framework and recognize that recovery will look different in every community, based on industry makeup and community dynamics. For further reading, visit the ACCE #COVID-19 blog post with an Economic Recovery Reading List. ACCE also created the ACCE Fellowship for Economic Recovery to assemble a cohort of chamber peers related to economic recovery and resilience.


Messaging for Leaders

Chambers Bridging Needs

Chamber Developed Resource Guides