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Managing Employees & the Workplace

A collection of resources to assist chambers and businesses to safely return to the workplace, manage remote teams, and reimagine the way we work.

Current Health Status of the American Worker

Health is gaining traction as a critical issue in today’s workplace. Worker illness and injury cost employers $225.8 billion annually.1 Obesity costs $1.42 trillion in both direct (healthcare) and indirect (absenteeism) spending.2 The total economic burden of major depressive disorder is an estimated $210.5 billion per year.3 Chambers of commerce and business associations are increasingly promoting and supporting the implementation of employer-led innovative workplace programs and policies that encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. 

The benefits of workplace wellness initiatives far outweigh their cost. A study by the Rand Corporation studied the costs and benefits of disease management and lifestyle management, workplace wellness programs. Disease management programs offer an average of $3.80 ROI, and there are greater short-term benefits. In comparison, lifestyle management programs offer an average of $0.50 ROI, and there are greater long term benefits.4 Not only do these initiatives help employees adopt healthy work-life habits, but they also produce more productive employees, help attract and retain talent, build staff morale, combat employee absenteeism, minimize staff turnover, and reduce healthcare costs for employers—and ultimately improve the bottom line for businesses. 

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Watch Webinars

Chamber's Roles in Workplace Wellness - ACCE webinar presented by Emily Counts, ACCE; Joe Hurd, Blair County Chamber of Commerce (PA); Matt Beatty, Greater Des Moines Partnership (IA) (Dec 19, 2018) - This webinar showcases how chambers across the country have launched successful workplace wellness programs. You will hear from large and small chambers about how these programs can be done at any level. Learn how you can engage your members and encourage them to be fit and active within your community.

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