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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Chamber-led efforts to support diversity, equity, and inclusion both organizationally and community wide.

Examine Your Role

Need intro text. This is what we currently have from Chamberpedia:

Inclusive regions prosper. According to ACCE's commissioned report, Diversity and Inclusion for the 21st Century Economy: An Imperative for Chambers of Commerce (Feb 2017), cities and regions that embrace diversity do better economically. The report outlines the business case for why chambers need a strategy to leverage diversity and champion inclusion.

For businesses and chambers, diversity can represent:

  • building an inclusive culture and environment where diversity is both embraced and leveraged as a competitive advantage,
  • developing and retaining talent by encouraging personal growth and celebrating individual and cultural differences, and
  • using the power of the mix -- strength that results from a team with varied experiences, backgrounds and styles -- to succeed.

Advocating for Racial Equity

Many chambers released statements addressing racial equity in response to George Floyd's death and the protests and demonstrations that occurred across the country.

For more examples of chamber statements, please view:

Calls to remove monuments, memorials, and other symbols:

Training and Support