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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Chamber-led efforts to support diversity, equity, and inclusion both organizationally and community wide.

Advocating for Racial Equity

Many chambers released statements addressing racial equity in response to George Floyd's death and the protests and demonstrations that occurred across the country. Issuing a public commitment to equity and inclusion, whether individually or in partnership with other organizations, makes a powerful statement.

For more examples of chamber statements, please view:

Building Equitable Communities

Chambers of commerce, as community leaders and trusted voices across the country, can play a pivotal role in pushing for policy change. Explore the resources below to learn about the variety of ways that chambers are engaging in advocacy work to advance equity and inclusion for marginalized communities.

Community and Public Health:

Community Policing and Police Reform:

Economic Mobility:

In the summer of 2018, the Orlando Economic Partnership (FL) led a collective effort, engaging leadership, staff and stakeholders in the development of a strategic framework for the region’s future. The result was Launch to Tomorrow, an ambitious three-year plan to re-cast economic development to advance Broad-based Prosperity™ for the region. Learn more in the resources below.



Hate Crime Legislation:

LGBTQ+ Policy Issues:

Public Transportation:

For many years, the Indy Chamber (IN) has been an advocate for transit development in the city of Indianapolis. Enhancing mass transit can build a more equitable community by:

  • providing residents with greater job opportunities
  • attracting new talent to the region
  • increasing access to education
  • creating a cleaner and healthier city
  • contributing to a growing economy

Read more about the chamber's dedication to an expanded transit system in the resources below.