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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Chamber-led efforts to support diversity, equity, and inclusion both organizationally and community wide.

Learning from Recent Events: St. Louis Regional Chamber (MO) and the Response to Ferguson

Tulsa Regional Chamber's Recognition of the Past and Shaping of the Future

Tulsa Regional Chamber’s first formal attempt to address disparity in their region began in 1995, with the formation of their Minority Business Council. In 2010, with support from board and organizational leadership, the chamber was able to change course and direct their work into a new effort, which would eventually be called Mosaic, that allowed the chamber to re-orient perspectives and truly adopt diversity and inclusion into their strategic plan. With this strong foundation, the chamber was able to directly acknowledge and apologize for the chamber's silence after the Tulsa race massacre and develop race and equity programming after the protests resulting from the murder of George Floyd.

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